Valuable products in plastic film and cardboard

Plastifix is a Dutch specialist in high-frequency welding of plastic films and die-cut of cardboard and plastic sheets. In Europe - and beyond - we have been a household name for decades when it comes to solving complex issues. We produce everything ourselves or in cooperation with our partners. Try us out and we are committed to the start of a long-term relationship! Our portfolio shows what we have to offer.

plastifix production area

Large runs and unique projects

Plastifix is the director in the development of carton and foil products. We design the design, carry out the manufacturing process and coordinate printing and transport. By the way, we have been doing this since 1952. Our working method is a unique mix of specialist craftsmanship and innovative techniques. This enables us to realize both large runs and niche projects.

Only responsible products

Do we really make everything in our power? No. We have a clear opinion on this: a Plastifix product must add value to this world. We are happy to explain our view on corporate social responsibility. Does this also suit you and would you like to spar about the next step? You are cordially invited!

Plastifix is known for:
its competitive pricing, speed of delivery, flexibility and advice.

We make products from plastic film and cardboard,
die-cut into almost any shape imaginable.

custom personalization

Customization and

presentation advertising items

Presentation and
advertising items


Specials and

Of value to many industries:

With a wide range of products, it makes sense that our clients come from all walks of life:

  • Training Centers
  • Healthcare
  • Agricultural sector
  • Laboratories
  • Maritime world
  • Automotive
  • Funeral industry
  • Advertising agencies/printing companies
  • Packaging Industry

Better product,
lower transport costs

Ask yourself: couldn't this be made cheaper in Asia? Perhaps. But we are guaranteed to deliver a better product that lasts longer. In addition, our clients save transport costs and orders are delivered on time. Production within Europe is therefore always a more sustainable choice.

Keeping plastics in the chain

Plastic unfortunately has a somewhat shoddy reputation. Unjustifiably so, because if plastic is kept within the chain, it is an excellent product with an endless lifespan. How can we create more awareness and discipline for this? We are happy to brainstorm on this topic with parties who share our vision.


Plastifix is a North Holland company that has grown from 1952 to become a specialist in high-frequency welding of plastic films and die-cut of plastic sheets and cardboard.

We produce only plastic products for which there is no other high-quality alternative. Products that make a better contribution compared to other materials. In practical terms, this means: we no longer want to make everything we can make.