A necessary accessory for the urn

April 4, 2022

A subject we don't think about every day. But what happens to your ashes after you are cremated? Through the crematorium, your next of kin will receive the standard ash container. In accordance with your wishes, the remains of your body (the ashes) are scattered or interred by means of an urn in an urn garden, an urn grave or at home on the proverbial mantelpiece.

Since April 1998, according to the Burial Act, it is no longer mandatory to put the received ash container in the urn. The ashes may be placed loose or in a plastic bag in the urn.

"We have been making flexible ash bags for years and supplying them to crematoria, consumers or funeral directors. To be honest, our flexible transparent ash bag was mainly functional. We thought it was time for a more beautiful, respectful and widely applicable design," says André van den Heuvel, owner of Plastifix in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands.

In collaboration with our client Cekabe Keramiek from The Hague, we have designed a new Flexible Ash Bag. The Flex-Max, with a capacity of 4.5 liters, for the remains of an adult body and the Flex-Mini, with a capacity of 1.5 liters, for children or part of an adult. Our bags are made of a flexible dark blue or anthracite gray, water-repellent and airtight eco-foil. The bag fits any beautifully designed urn or artwork. For special sizes or designs, we custom make the flexible ash bags.

The flexible ash bag and the accompanying identification stone of the deceased go into the urn, the lid of which is hermetically sealed. The ashes are thus well protected from moisture, vermin, storm damage, molestation or an accident at your home. Without personal force, it is not possible for the ashes to escape from the bag, giving you peace of mind.

In the Netherlands, the Flex-Max and Flex-Mini are for sale through our relation Cekabe Keramiek in the Hague. For more information, please visit www.Cekabe.nl or send an email to info@Cekabe.nl

For deliveries outside the Netherlands, please contact Plastifix bv in Enkhuizen via e-mail address info@plastifix.nl

For deliveries within and/or outside Europe, excluding the Netherlands, we are looking for resellers. If you are interested, please express your interest via email address andre@plastifix.nl

André van den Heuvel


Plastifix is a North Holland company that has grown from 1952 to become a specialist in high-frequency welding of plastic films and die-cut of plastic sheets and cardboard.

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