High-frequency welding for solid connections

To join two layers of plastic film, we use the high-frequency welding technique. This technique produces a nice tight finish and extremely strong weld seams. And therefore a high-quality end product with a long lifespan.

How do HF welding machines work?
High-frequency welding fuses the layers of plastic film together. The structure of the film is perfectly preserved in the process. The material is put into a high-frequency alternating current field - ranging from 3 kW to 40 kW - creating internal friction. This process softens the material in the areas where it is needed. Then the processed film layers are cooled under pressure, creating a solid weld.

High-frequency welding for solid connections

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High-frequency welding for solid connections

Plastifix works with two types of lines: welding only or a combination weld/knife. The knife line immediately cuts the product into the desired model, with straight weld seams as well as curves and bends.
As a result, customization is (almost) always possible.

The maximum welding size we can perform in one pass is 100x200 cm.

Examples of products we high-frequency weld:

  • laboratory bags (healthcare)
  • swimming buoys (maritime)
  • ash holders (funeral)
  • (air) cushions (marine)

Want to improve an existing product or have a new product welded in the most solid way possible?