Cooperation agreement between Skiffa buoy and Plastifix.

Cooperation Agreement-Skiffaboei-and-Plastifix

Starting August 1, 2022, Plastifix in Enkhuizen will take care of the production and shipping of the SkiffaBoei. This was concluded by signing the cooperation agreement between SkiffaBoei and Plastifix on June 30. Charles Smeets, owner of Skiffaboei, has a clear mission to make the Dutch sea and open waters safer for...

A necessary accessory for the urn


A subject we don't think about every day. But what happens to your ashes after you are cremated? Through the crematorium, your next of kin will receive the standard ash container. In accordance with your wishes, the remains of your body (the ashes) are scattered or interred by means of an urn in an urn garden, an urn grave or at home....

Plastifix is 70 years old


April 1, 1952 - April 1, 2022.Today, April 1, 2022, Plastifix celebrates its 70th anniversary. A platinum jubilee! A wonderful achievement of a very Dutch company. After visiting a fair where plastics were presented in combination with high-frequency welding, Siem Kef said to his brother-in-law, who was a blacksmith, "If you are going to make these machines, then...

Animal passport covers in all colors


our pet passport cover collection has been expanded with 2 new colors, yellow and luna. Now you can choose from 18 different colors,

Flowers on the wall


How cute is this a plastic pendant for flowers, Available in colored and transparent foil.

Big punching job


We have received a substantial punching job, this is half of the material, Due to the scarcity in the raw materials market, the delivery time was bizarrely long, Therefore, now working hard to deliver as soon as possible.

Nice job!


20,000 meters of film came in for a customer, Nice job,we are happy to work it away for them.

A regular customer for 48 years!!!


Glad when customers come back and order again, it's a sign that we are doing well. So how nice is it when a customer comes back for 48 years! That even gives us pause. Sample bags for soil samples, we made at least 500,000 of them in those 48 years!

High-tech promotional bag Kiss My Airs


A photo of the most unusual and hectic assignment ever ... courtesy of OY. Develop a promo bag featuring the latest technological development within the Nike AirMax division: the Nike Vapor Max. The solution came in the form of a fully transparent bag made of two separate air chambers that, once inflated, created a visual presentation of a floating...