About Plastifix - Fascinated by plastics for more than 70 years

Plastifix is a North Holland company that has grown from 1952 to become a specialist in high-frequency welding of plastic films and die-cut of plastic sheets and cardboard.

Until 2022 as a family business with two generations of Kef at the helm, now led by race entrepreneur André van den Heuvel.

From Enkhuizen, we supply our products to clients throughout the Netherlands, Europe and other continents.


in the web

That wealth of experience has allowed us to become the spider in the web of the entire process surrounding an order. In every production phase - from design to transport to the final destination - we can think along with you, establish lines of communication, cut through knots and solve problems. Behind us is an impressive network that we can call upon.

Sparring partner for entrepreneurs

So collaboration - with clients and suppliers - is our strength. And in this we go quite far. We regularly act as a sparring partner for entrepreneurs who have an idea in our field, even if we don't immediately earn money from it. We like to help people who want to get an idea off the ground.


Valuable material

One of our hobbyhorses is: how can we make the world more beautiful with our products?
Because we firmly believe in the value of the material we work with.

Organizations, educational institutions and companies that would like to exchange experiences with us on this are welcome!

Our CSR vision: we make a lot, but no longer everything

As a plastics processing company, you are under a magnifying glass. And we understand that, because unfortunately too much plastic ends up where it doesn't belong: in nature and therefore in the food chain. Even though this problem usually lies more with the user than with the material...

Yet we have taken responsibility ourselves. How? By manufacturing only plastic products for which there is no other high-quality alternative. Products that make a better contribution compared to other materials. In practical terms, this means: we no longer want to make everything we can make.


Conscious handling of raw materials

Before we issue a new quote, we first ask ourselves: is this a job that fits a core value of a Plastifix product? If the answer is no, then we do not make the quotation. Of course, we always explain that choice.

These core values are:

  • durability in use (i.e. no disposable items)
  • Contribute to the safety and/or health of humans and animals
  • optimizing hygiene
  • protecting durable products during transport
  • medical applicability

With this changed corporate vision, Plastifix is taking an essential step. In addition, we hope to encourage other entrepreneurs and consumers to also be more conscious of raw materials.

Processing within the chain

As solid as our products are, they do not last forever. We advise clients how they can dispose of our products responsibly after a good life. By, like us, separating waste or returning material to us - via a reply number. We provide this advice solicited and unsolicited!

The plastics used by Plastifix cannot go in the garbage bin. But through cooperation with our suppliers, we make sure that plastic waste gets a new life within the chain. By arranging this properly, you directly reduce your organization's CO2 footprint.

Would you like to talk to us about this topic? Please! Together we have more impact than alone.


As a business Partner of Unicef, we love to share our success with those who need it.

We are currently sponsoring the building of schools for children in the Ivory Coast. The schools are built from recycled plastic building blocks.

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Of value to many industries:

With a wide range of products, it makes sense that our clients come from all walks of life:

  • Training Centers
  • Healthcare
  • Agricultural sector
  • Laboratories
  • Maritime world
  • Automotive
  • Funeral industry
  • Advertising agencies/printing companies
  • Packaging Industry