Plastifix is 70 years old

April 1, 2022

April 1, 1952 - April 1, 2022.
Today, April 1, 2022, Plastifix celebrates its 70th anniversary. A platinum jubilee! A wonderful achievement of a very Dutch company.

After visiting a fair where plastic was presented in combination with high-frequency welding, Siem Kef said to his brother-in-law, who was a blacksmith, "If you are going to make these machines, I am going to work with them." And so it came to pass that Siem Kef founded Plastifix on April 1, 1952. Together with his wife, he developed Plastifix into one of the specialized companies in high-frequency welding of plastic films in the Netherlands.

You can't think of anything crazy or Plastifix has already made or is making it.

After the death of her parents, Djoeke Broeren-Kef, with the help of her husband Hans Broeren, continued the family business and expanded it into an indispensable business in the Netherlands. The company was professionalized and larger clients were contracted. Has it always been easy? No! In the nineties a lot of production work went to low-wage countries and was taken away from the Netherlands. Price came before the quality product from Dutch soil. Sales stagnated quickly and sometimes Plastifix would have ceased to exist. Thanks to good entrepreneurship, perseverance and long-term, loyal relationships, Plastifix still exists. Something we are very grateful for!

We are proud that now, 70 years later, we may work for renowned companies from the maritime world, the agricultural industry, horticulturists, advertising agencies, printing companies, wholesalers, automotive industry, healthcare, offices, catering, hospitals and other medical industry, funeral industry, construction companies, interior designers, architects et cetera. And also the consumer or student, with a special one-time small question is still more than welcome to contact us. Every customer, big or small, is and remains king at Plastifix!

Given the age of Djoeke and her husband and the rapidly changing market, Djoeke decided it was time to bring in new energy. With the arrival of André van den Heuvel, who is now 100% owner of Plastifix, we are looking to the future. Autonomous growth, acquisitions and/or partnerships are necessary to meet future market demands. It is time for us to step forward and show what we can do and what we want. After 70 years, that's fine, as long as you do it from a respectful approach. We want to make beautiful products for a fair price. If clients come back to you, then you are doing something good. It's not about money, we are genuinely happy and proud that we can help them. Money follows and you need that to exist. If our client is doing well, we are doing well too. That's how it worked 70 years ago, that's how it works now and that's how it will work in the future.

We see more often that European entrepreneurs approach us who want to outsource less production to China, for example. The environment, delivery times and transport costs play an important role in this. But I also increasingly hear the idea that we can lend each other a helping hand within Europe. A nice development that makes me happy.

I am therefore convinced that we are going to have a great development in the coming years. We're just going to do it!
On behalf of Djoeke, Hans and myself, I would like to thank all our loyal employees who have worked for us for the past 70 years, and who are still working for us today, for their great dedication and the fun we have had together. We also thank all our clients, suppliers and consultants for their trust in Plastifix.
Without you, running a company for 70 years would not have been possible.

On to the 75 years!

André van den Heuvel


Plastifix is a North Holland company that has grown from 1952 to become a specialist in high-frequency welding of plastic films and die-cut of plastic sheets and cardboard.

We produce only plastic products for which there is no other high-quality alternative. Products that make a better contribution compared to other materials. In practical terms, this means: we no longer want to make everything we can make.