Cooperation agreement between Skiffa buoy and Plastifix.

Aug. 11, 2022

Starting August 1, 2022, Plastifix in Enkhuizen will take care of the production and shipping of the SkiffaBoei. This was concluded by signing the cooperation agreement between SkiffaBoei and Plastifix on June 30.

Charles Smeets, owner of Skiffaboei, has a clear mission to make the Dutch sea and open waters safer for swimmers. More and especially safer water fun for everyone! Every year dozens of people get into trouble in swimming waters. Sometimes with tragic results. By using Skiffaboei's swimming buoy you are better prepared for unexpected situations.

The design of the Skiffa buoy sets it apart from other buoys for sale. Safe, less environmentally damaging, user-friendly and of excellent quality. Those are the main criteria Plastifix had to meet, Charles says. For example, all products come from within Europe, we work with an Eco-foil and we use recycled products and raw materials as much as possible. After a nice lifespan, the buoy can be returned free of charge and residual products are reused.

Due to the design, the materials used and the efficient production process, Skiffa buoy and Plastifix managed to offer the buoy at a very competitive price.

The Skiffa buoy will be available for purchase through the website starting Sept. 15:

A percentage of each buoy sold will be donated to the Dutch Rescue Brigade,


Plastifix is a North Holland company that has grown from 1952 to become a specialist in high-frequency welding of plastic films and die-cut of plastic sheets and cardboard.

We produce only plastic products for which there is no other high-quality alternative. Products that make a better contribution compared to other materials. In practical terms, this means: we no longer want to make everything we can make.