Punching of cardboard and plastic sheets

We punch cardboard and plastic sheets for a variety of applications. We use this technique to make packaging, presentation and advertising materials, among other things. For this, we have a large number of cutting dies in house. In addition, making custom shapes and sizes is always possible.

What exactly is die-cutting?
Technically speaking, die-cutting is punching out - or expressing - a shape from cardboard or plastic. This is especially useful for products that cannot be realized with an ordinary cutting machine.
We first make a cutting drawing of the desired shape. That drawing is then accurately converted into a cutting template, made up of blades of different lengths.

We then mount this cutting mold on the punching machine.
The machine presses the mold - like a kind of stamp - firmly onto the sheets of cardboard or plastic. In this way, the shape is cut out exactly along the lines of the die-cutting drawings. Folding lines can also be pressed into the material using special die-cutting knives. In technical terms, this is called 'creasing'. The product is then ready for use.

Punching plastic sheets and cardboard

Plastifix is known for:
its competitive pricing, speed of delivery, flexibility and advice.

Die-cutting by Plastifix is a more sustainable choice

  • Custom packaging material = less material waste
    (and lower shipping costs)
  • Producing in Europe reduces CO2 emissions
  • sturdy material with longer life
  • additional tear-out protection for a small additional cost

Examples of products we die-cut:

  • boxes of various sizes
  • document folders
  • (drawing) cases
  • promotional folders
  • binders/folders made of full polypropylene up to 2 mm thick

Want to improve your current product or have a new product die-cut and folded in a more sustainable way?